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Name of Department/Committee : PCD 03
Document Number : PCD 03 ( 25678)
Document Title [English] : Biogas Biomethane Specification
Document Title [Hindi] : बायोगैस (बायोमीथेन) — विशिष्टि
Document Type : Revision
Language : English
Priority : 1
ICS Code : 75.060
Date of Project Approval : 15-05-2024
Standards to be Revised :
Sl.No. Is No & Year
1 IS 16087: 2016
Standards to be Superseded :
Sl.No. Is No & Year
1 IS 16087: 2016

Classification Details
Group : Coal and Petroleum products
Sub Group : Petroleum products
Sub Sub Group : Automotive, Aviation and Industrial Fuels (liquid and solid)
Aspects : Product Specification
Risk : High
Certification : Voluntary Certification
Short Commom Man's Title :
ITCHS Code :
Ministry :
  • Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
Sustainable development Goals :
Degree of Equivalence : Indigenous
Identical/Equivalent Standards :
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Sl.No. Synosis Points
1 This standard prescribes the requirements and the methods of sampling and test for biogas (biomethane) to be used in stationary engines, automotive [bio-CNG/compressed biogas (CBG)], thermal, and industrial applications as supplied in cylinders and through piped network.
2 This (second) revision has been brought out on request of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) to facilitate distribution of biomethane through blending with existing natural gas infrastructure, including city gas distribution (CGD) network. Hence, the following major changes have been made: a) Methane content increased to 95 mol percent; b) CO2 + N2 + O2 content decreased to 5 mol percent; c) Content of total sulphur (including H2S) aligned with PNGRB (Access Code for Common Carrier or Contract Carrier Natural Gas Pipelines) Regulations 2008; d) Test methods updated; and e) Provision for use of composite cylinders for on-board storage of fuel for automotives included in supply clause through reference to IS 15935.

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1 15-05-2024 15-08-2024 15-09-2024 15-11-2024 MS. KREETI DAS 15-05-2024
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