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Name of Department/Committee : MTD 24
Document Number : MTD 24 ( 25741)
Document Title [English] : Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys Estimation of loss of absorptive power of anodic oxidation coatings after sealing Dye-spot test with prior acid treatment
Document Title [Hindi] : एल्यूमीनियम और उसके मिश्रधातुओं का एनोडाइजिंग — संयोजन के बाद एनोडिक ऑक्सीकरण लेपन की अवशोषी शक्ति की क्षति का आंकलन — पूर्व अम्ल उपचार के साथ डाई-स्पॉट परीक्षण
Document Type : Revision
Language : English
Priority : 3
ICS Code : 25.220.20
Date of Project Approval : 01-05-2024
Standards to be Revised :
Sl.No. Is No & Year
1 IS 11268: 1985
Standards to be Superseded :
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1 IS 11268: 1985

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Group : Metals, Alloys and Metal Products (including Steel Products)
Sub Group : Anti-corrosion products
Sub Sub Group : Test Methods on corrosion protection
Aspects : Methods of tests
Risk : None
Certification : None
Short Commom Man's Title : Method for estimation of loss of absorptive power of anodic oxide coatings after sealing dye spot te
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Degree of Equivalence : Identical under dual numbering
Identical/Equivalent Standards : ISO 2143:2017
Organization Type: ISO

Sl.No. Synosis Points
1 ISO 2143 specifies a method of estimating the loss of absorptive power of anodic oxidation coatings that have undergone a sealing treatment, by dye absorption after acid pretreatment. The method is suitable for use as a production control method and can be applicable to anodic oxidation coatings which may be subjected to weathering or aggressive environments, or where resistance to staining is important.
2 The method is not applicable to those coatings that a) are formed on alloys containing more than 2 % copper or 4 % silicon, b) are sealed by the dichromate process, c) have been given supplementary processing, e.g. oiling, waxing or lacquering, d) are coloured in deep shades, and e) are less than 3 μm thickness. The method is less appropriate where nickel or cobalt salts, or organic additives, have been added to baths used for hydrothermal sealing.

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