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Name of Department/Committee : MTD 03
Document Number : MTD 03 ( 25819)
Document Title [English] : Metallic materials Vickers hardness test Part 1: Test method
Document Title [Hindi] : धात्विक सामग्री - विकर्स कठोरता परीक्षण भाग 1: परिक्षण पद्धति
Document Type : Revision
Language : English
Priority : 3
ICS Code : 77.040.10
Date of Project Approval : 17-05-2024
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1 IS 1501 : Part 1: 2020
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Group : Metals, Alloys and Metal Products (including Steel Products)
Sub Group : Heat treatment, metallography and testing
Sub Sub Group : Methods of mechanical testing of metals
Aspects : Methods of tests
Risk : None
Certification : Not Certifiable
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  • Ministry of Steel
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Degree of Equivalence : Identical under dual numbering
Identical/Equivalent Standards : ISO 6807-1 : 2023
Organization Type: ISO

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1 This document specifies the Vickers hardness test method for the three different ranges of test force for metallic materials, including hard metals and other cemented carbides (see Table 1), metallic coatings and other inorganic coatings. The Vickers hardness test is specified in this document for lengths of indentation diagonals between 0.020 mm and 1.400 mm. Using this method to determine Vickers hardness from smaller indentations is outside the scope of this document as results would suffer from large uncertainties due to the limitations of optical measurement and imperfections in tip geometry.
2 The Vickers hardness specified in this document is also applicable for metallic and other inorganic coatings including electrodeposited coatings, autocatalytic coatings, sprayed coatings and anodic coatings on aluminium. This document is applicable to measurements normal to the coated surface and to measurements on cross-sections, provided that the characteristics of the coating (smoothness, thickness, etc.) permit accurate readings of the diagonal of the indentation.
3 This document is not applicable for coatings with thickness less than 0.030 mm when testing normal to the coating surface. This standard is not applicable for coatings with thickness less than 0.100 mm when testing a cross-section of the coating. ISO 14577-1 can be used for the determination of hardness from smaller indentations.” A periodic verification method is specified for routine checking of the testing machine in service by the user. For specific materials and/or products, relevant International Standards exist.

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