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Name of Department/Committee : FAD 20
Document Number : FAD 20 ( 25391)
Document Title [English] : Agricultural Produce Milling Machinery — Burr Mill — Specifications and Test Code
Document Title [Hindi] : कृषि उत्पाद मिलिंग मशीनरी — बर मिल — विशिष्टि और परीक्षण संहिता
Document Type : Revision
Language : English
Priority : 2
ICS Code : 65.060
Date of Project Approval : 03-04-2024
Standards to be Revised :
Sl.No. Is No & Year
1 IS 14442: 1997
Standards to be Superseded :

Classification Details
Group : Agriculture, Agricultural Products and Implements
Sub Group : Agricultural Implements and godowns
Sub Sub Group : Pre and Post Harvest Equipment equipment
Aspects : Product Specification
Risk : Medium
Certification : Voluntary Certification
Short Commom Man's Title : Aata Chakki
ITCHS Code :
Ministry :
  • Ministry of Agriculture - Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare
  • Ministry of Food Processing Industries
Sustainable development Goals :
Degree of Equivalence : Indigenous
Identical/Equivalent Standards :
Organization Type:

Sl.No. Synosis Points
1 This standard provides uniformity in reporting of test result of different burr mills and stipulates the methods of test of burr mill only. It also stipulates the material, constructional, performance, and other requirements of burr mills in addition to the test methods as per latest technological developments and best manufacturing practices.

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1 24-04-2024 24-08-2024 24-09-2024 24-01-2025 Mr. Pradeep Sharma 24-04-2024
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1 Generation of Document Number 03-04-2024 -------
2 P-Draft Waived 25-04-2024 it is the revision of existing IS, so need not to be sent as P-draft -------
3 WC Draft 25-04-2024 Duration : 60 Days
Submitted for HOD approval
Remarks : As the committee in its 24th meeting decided to send this draft into WC for a period of 60 days to seek comments it is placed for your kind approval please
4 WC Draft 25-04-2024 WC rejected by HOD
Remarks: First page of the standard is missing.
5 WC Draft 25-04-2024 Duration : 60 Days
Submitted for HOD approval
Remarks : Now corrected draft has been uploaded suggested
6 WC Draft 25-04-2024 WC approved by HOD
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