Program of Work

Program of Work

The Programme of Work is prepared by each Technical Department of Bureau of Indian Standards to indicate the latest position of published Indian Standards, number of amendments issued on particular published standards, month and year of their last re-affirmation, standards identified for revision or standards in the process of revision etc. It also indicates the draft docum ents at different stages of processing. In the Programme of Work an asterisk mark (*) given before a printed standard indicates standard under revision and its relevant document is available at different stage of processing whereas double asterisk mark (* *) indicates that standard identified for revision for which document is yet t o be prepared. Below a published standard wherever “/ISO....” Standard number is given , it implies that the Indian Standard given above is under dual number system wi th the relevant ISO standard (i.e. adoption of ISO standard). Alternatively, du al number system with the relevant ISO standards are indicated as “IS/ISO....” Similarl y, wherever “| ISO......” standard number is given, it implies that the Indian Standar d given above is technically equivalent with the relevant ISO standard.

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