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Name of Department/Committee : ETD 06
Document Number : ETD/06/17559
Document Title [English] : Composite hollow insulators - Pressurized and unpressurized insulators for use in electrical equipment with rated voltage greater than 1 000 V - Definitions test methods acceptance criteria and design recommendations
Document Title [Hindi] : कॉम्पोज़िट हॉलो इंसुलेटर - 1 000 वी से अधिक रेटेड वोल्टेज वाले विद्युत उपकरणों में उपयोग के लिए दबावयुक्त और बिना दबाव वाले इंसुलेटर - परिभाषाएं, परीक्षण विधियां, स्वीकरण और डिजाइन रिकमेन्डेशन
Document Type : New
Language : English
Priority : 3
ICS Code : 29.080.10
Date of Project Approval : 21-06-2021
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Group : Electrical Switchgear and Other Electrical Products/Accessories
Sub Group : Insulating material and systems
Sub Sub Group : Electrical insulators and insulating oils
Aspects : Others
Risk : Low
Certification : Voluntary Certification
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Ministry :
  • Ministry of Power
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Degree of Equivalence : Identical under single numbering
Identical/Equivalent Standards : IEC 61462:2007
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1 This standard applies to composite hollow insulators consisting of a load-bearing insulating tube made of resin impregnated fibres, a housing (outside the insulating tube) made of elastomeric material (for example silicone or ethylene-propylene) and metal fixing devices at the ends of the insulating tube. The object of this standard is: To define the terms used; to prescribe test methods; and to prescribe acceptance criteria.