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Basic Details
Name of Department/Committee : ETD 28
Document Number : ETD/28/17952
Document Title [English] : Photovoltaic Devices Part 7: Computation of the Spectral Mismatch Correction For Measurements of Photovoltaic Devices First Revision
Document Title [Hindi] : प्रकाशवोल्टीय युक्तियाँ भाग 7 प्रकाशवोल्टीय युक्तियों के मापन हेतु स्पेक्ट्रल असंतुलन सुधार की गणना (प्रथम पुनरीक्षण)
Document Type : Revision
Language : English
Priority : 3
ICS Code : 27.160
Date of Project Approval : 23-07-2021
Standards to be Revised :
Sl.No. Is No & Year
1 IS 12762 : Part 7: 2013
Standards to be Superseded :
Sl.No. Is No & Year
1 IS 12762 : Part 7: 2013

Classification Details
Group : Electrical Switchgear and Other Electrical Products/Accessories
Sub Group : Renewable energy devices
Sub Sub Group : Solar flat plate collector , Water heating system, Solar cooker , Bio gas plant & Biomass cook stove
Aspects : Methods of tests
Risk : Low
Certification : Voluntary Registration
Short Commom Man's Title : Computation of Spectral Mismatch
ITCHS Code :
Ministry :
  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Sustainable development Goals :
Degree of Equivalence : Identical under dual numbering
Identical/Equivalent Standards : IEC 60904-7 : 2019
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Sl.No. Synosis Points
1 This part of IS 12762 describes the procedure for correcting the spectral mismatch error introduced in the testing of a photovoltaic device, caused by the mismatch between the test spectrum and the reference spectrum (e.g. AM1.5 spectrum) and by the mismatch between the spectral responsivities (SR) of the reference device and of the device under test and therewith reduce the systematic uncertainty.
2 This procedure is valid for single-junction devices but the principle may be extended to cover multi-junction devices.