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Basic Details
Name of Department/Committee : ETD 06
Document Number : ETD/06/18026
Document Title [English] : Thermal-mechanical performance test and mechanical performance test on string insulator units
Document Title [Hindi] : स्ट्रिंग इन्सुलेटर इकाइयों पे तापीय-यांत्रिकी एवं यांत्रिकी कार्यकारिता परीक्षण
Document Type : New
Language : English
Priority : 3
ICS Code : 29.080.10 , 29.240.20
Date of Project Approval : 13-09-2021
Standards to be Superseded :

Classification Details
Group : Electrical Switchgear and Other Electrical Products/Accessories
Sub Group : Insulating material and systems
Sub Sub Group : Insulating materials, insulating varnish & varnished fabric
Aspects : Methods of tests
Risk : Medium
Certification : Not Certifiable
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ITCHS Code :
Ministry :
  • Ministry of Power
Sustainable development Goals :
Degree of Equivalence : Identical under single numbering
Identical/Equivalent Standards : IEC TR 60575:1977
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Sl.No. Synosis Points
1 This standard applies to string insulator units of the cap and pin type as well as of the long rod type with insulating parts of ceramic material or glass intended for a.c. and d.c. overhead lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000 V and also to insulators of similar design when used in substations.