CED 35-Furniture Sectional Committee

Sl No. Commitee Functional Category wise breakup
1 CED 35-Furniture Sectional Committee Industry Association Regulatory Body State Government R&D Organization Academic Institution Expert Industry Consumer Group Central Ministry/Dept. Technologist Unclassified Total
  0 0 1 2 4 1 7 0 4 2 0 21

# Organization Member Details Role Functional Category
In Personal Capacity, New Delhi
:   Shri Balbir Verma
1 Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Traders India, Mumbai
:   Nomination awaited
Principal Member Industry
2 Blow Plast Ergonomics Limited, Nagpur
:   Dr Nitin sudame
:   Head - Manufacturing
Principal Member Industry
:   Dr Gita Piramal
:   Chairman
Alternate Member
3 CSIR - Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee
:   Shri S. K. Negi
:   Scientist
Principal Member R&D Organization
:   Shri Ashok Kumar
:   Sr. Principal Scientist
Alternate Member
4 Central Public Works Department, New Delhi
:   Shri A. K. Sharma
:   Chief Architect (Planning & Design)
Principal Member Central Ministry/Dept.
:   Ms Nandini Mukhopadhyay
:   Senior Architect (Planning & Architecture)
Alternate Member
5 Centre for Environmental Planing and Technology University, Ahmedabad
:   Prof Snehal Nagarsheth
:   Professor Co -Ord Faculty of Design
Alternate Member Technologist
:   Prof Shrutie Tamboli
:   Associate Professor CEPT Unit
Principal Member
6 Directorate of Education, Delhi
:   Nomination awaited
Principal Member State Government
7 Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun
:   Dr Kishan Kumar
:   Scientist - E
Alternate Member R&D Organization
:   Dr Sadhna Tripathi
:   Scientist-G
Principal Member
8 Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited, Mumbai
:   Mr Nirav Shah
:   Assoc. General Manager – Design
Alternate Member Industry
:   Shri E. Venkateswaralu
:   General Manager (Godrej Interio)
Principal Member
9 Indian Furniture Products Limited, Tiruvallur
:   Shri C. M. Satheesh Kumar
:   Sr. Vice President (Operations)
Principal Member Industry
:   Shri S. Saravanan
:   General Manager - Plant Head
Alternate Member
10 Indian Stainless Steel Development Association, Gurugram
:   Mr. Rohit Kumar
:   Executive Director
Principal Member Industry
:   Shri Jousline George
:   Information Officer
Alternate Member
11 Institute of Indian Interior Designers, Mumbai
:   Shrimati Chirashree Thakkar
:   Chapter Chairperson (Ahmedabad Regional Centre)
Principal Member Technologist
12 Kendriya Bhandar, New Delhi
:   Nomination awaited
Principal Member Central Ministry/Dept.
13 Military Engineer Services, New Delhi
:   Shri S. K. Mishra
:   Director (Arch)
Alternate Member Central Ministry/Dept.
:   Smt Rivoo Mahendru
:   Jt DG (Arch)
Principal Member
14 National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
:   Shri P. Rama Krishna Rao
:   Senior Faculty
Principal Member Academic Institution
:   Shri C. S. Susanth
:   Senior Faculty
Alternate Member
15 National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad
:   Shri J. Majumder
Principal Member Academic Institution
16 Nilkamal Limited, Mumbai
:   Shri Arvind Janardanam
:   Executive Director
Alternate Member Industry
:   Shri V. S. Iyer
:   Vice Presient (Operations)
Principal Member
17 Office of Development Commissioner (MSME), New Delhi
:   K L Rao
Principal Member Central Ministry/Dept.
:   Shri K K Funda
Alternate Member
18 School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
:   Prof. Aruna Ramani Grover
:   Professor of Architecture
Alternate Member Academic Institution
:   Prof. Manoj Mathur
:   HOD-Industrial Design
Principal Member
19 The Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai
:   Shri A. R. Vikramray Pramodray Pandya
:   Finance Committee Member
Principal Member Academic Institution
20 The Supreme Industries Limited, New Delhi
:   Shri Sanjeev Jain
:   Vice President
Principal Member Industry
:   Shri Mukesh Kaul
:   General Manager
Alternate Member
21 In Personal Capacity, Dehradun
:   Shri K. S. Pruthi
:   Retd. Scientist (FRI)
Principal Member Expert
22 Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Traders India, Mumbai      
23 Central Public Works Department, New Delhi      
24 Directorate General of Supplies and Goods, New Delhi      
25 Integrated Child Development Services - Ministry of Women and Child Development, New Delhi