Indian Standard Details


IS Number : IS 16454 : 2018
ISO 23601:2009
IS Title [Eng-Hn] : Safety Identification — Escape and Evacuation Plan Signs
No of Revision :
No of Amendments : 0
Technical Department : Production and General Engineering Department
Technical Committee : PGD 1 ( Basic Standards )
Language : English

Group : Civil Engineering Design and Construction
Sub Group: Safety of structures
Sub Sub Group : Fire Safety in Buildings, Industries and in Public Places
Aspects: Saftey Standard
Ministry : Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Short Commom Man's Title: Escape and evacuation plan signs
Itchs: N/A
Degree of Equivalence: Indigenous
Identical/Equivalent Standards:
Organisation :
Identical under dual numbering
Identical/Equivalent Standards:ISO 23601:2009
Organisation :

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