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IS Number : IS 13623 : 1993
IS Title [Eng-Hn] : Criteria for choice of gates and hoists
No of Revision :
No of Amendments : 1
Technical Department : Water Resources Department
Technical Committee : WRD 12 ( Hydraulic Gates And Valves )
Language : English

Group : Civil Engineering Design and Construction
Sub Group: Hydraulic and other related structures
Sub Sub Group : Glossary, Inspection, Testing and Maintainance of Gates and Valves
Aspects: Others
Certification: Not Certifiable
Ministry : Ministry of Jal Shakti (Water)
Short Commom Man's Title: Criteria for Choice of Gates and Hoists
Degree of Equivalence: Indigenous
Identical/Equivalent Standards:
Organisation :

Indian Standards Refered In IS IS 13623 : 1993 :
SNo IS Number Title Technical Committee
IS 2 : 1960 Rules for Rounding off Numerical Values MSD 3
International Standards Refered In IS 13623 : 1993 Standard contains no Cross Referenced International Standard.
IS 13623 : 1993 is Refered in following Indian Standards : Standard contains no Cross Referenced Indian Standard.