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IS Number : IS 14248 : 1995
IS Title [Eng-Hn] : Guidelines for instrumentation of barrages and weirs
No of Revision :
No of Amendments : 0
Technical Department : Water Resources Department
Technical Committee : WRD 16 ( Hydraulic Structures Instrumentation )
Language : English

Group : Civil Engineering Design and Construction
Sub Group: Hydraulic and other related structures
Sub Sub Group : Selection, installation, maintenance and observation of instruments for measurements of properties such as displacement, strain, stress, temperature etc in various dams
Aspects: Code of Practice
Certification: None
Ministry :
Short Commom Man's Title: Guidelines for instrumentation of barrages & weirs
Itchs: N/A
Degree of Equivalence: Indigenous
Identical/Equivalent Standards:
Organisation :

Indian Standards Refered In IS IS 14248 : 1995 :
SNo IS Number Title Technical Committee
IS 6532 : 1972 Code of practice for design, installation, observation and maintenance of uplift pressure pipes for hydraulic structures on permeable foundations WRD 16
IS 7436 : Part 2 : 2019 Guide for types of measurements for structures in river valley projects and criteria for choice and location of measuring instrument: Part 2 concrete and masonry dams (Second Revision) WRD 16
IS 10334 : 1982 Code of practice for selection, splicing, installation and providing protection to the open ends of cables used for connecting resistance type measuring devices in concrete and masonry dams WRD 16
IS 13232 : 1992 Installation, maintenance and observations of electrical strain measuring devices in concrete dams - Code of practice WRD 16
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