Standard Of The Month


IS 17482:2020 — Drinking Water Supply Management System — Requirements for Piped Drinking Water Supply Service


Potable water constitutes a worldwide challenge for the 21st century, both in terms of the management of available water resources and the provision of access to drinking water. The provision of safe and adequate drinking water to the burgeoning Indian population is a major challenge. The lack of safe drinking water could undermine the health and wellbeing of the people.

This standard lays down the requirements of a water utility/service provider including but not limited to, the processes involved in the procurement of raw water, its treatment and distribution, the quality of the water provided and the requirements of related water supply services as well as the responsibilities of the management. The standard has referred IS / ISO 9001 to incorporate requirements of management system and IS 10500 for the requirements of quality of water. The water provided should meet the minimum drinking water quality as stipulated in IS 10500 and should be readily and conveniently accessible to consumers at all times and in all situations without any compromise to drinking water quality.

The standard provides aim and objectives of water utilities to offer supply services of water conforming to IS 10500 to everybody in the service area of the water utility, and to provide users with a continuous supply of drinking water.