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IS 17512 : 2021

Requirement for Electrical Installations in Medical Locations


Electrical installations and equipment for medical locations are necessary to ensure the safety of patients likely to be subjected to the application of medical electrical equipment. Life of a patient may be at risk if electrical currents are flowing through the body; or there is a break-down of life-sustaining apparatus and equipment used for diagnosis, monitoring or treatment.

The use of medical electrical equipment on patients undergoing intensive care (of critical importance) has called for enhanced reliability and safety of electrical installations in hospitals so as to improve the safety and continuity of power supplies which is met by application of this standard.

This standard is applicable to electrical installations in medical locations so as to ensure safety of patients and medical staff. These requirements, mainly, refer to hospitals, private clinics, medical and dental practices, health care centers and dedicated medical rooms in the workplace.

Few important test requirements such as system earthing, protection against electric shock, fire protection; and General Requirements for Safety of Power Supply Sources are covered in this standard. The standard also lists the common rules for Selection, Erection and verification of Electrical Installations.