Standard Of The Week

IS/ISO 18890 : 2018, Textiles ─ Clothing ─ Standard Method of garment Measurement

In the manufacture of garments, a number of factors affect the quality of the ultimate product and hence these must be given due importance.This standard defines the main measurement points of upper garment part, trousers, shorts, skirt and dress part and/ or Combination/all-in-one/swimsuit part and describes the method used to measure garment dimensions.

Garment measurements can be useful for:

  • » Creation of table of measurements
  • » Developments of garment prototypes
  • » Stages of sample approval
  • » Production control
  • » Garment inspection and quality control
  • » Testing houses (e.g. determination of dimensional change of garments)

The garment to be measured is laid on a flat surface, its measurement points identified and the measurements carried out between the relevant measurement points using a measurement device. This standard also defines the measuring methodologies, apparatus and procedures for preparation of garments or textile articles for evaluation.