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IS / ISO 11121: 2017 Recreational diving services – Requirements for Introductory programmes to Scuba Diving


Standardization is important for recreational activities, such as diving, for which training and experience are essential for the participants to be able to carry out the activity safely. Although recreational diving is potentially hazardous, the risks to the participants and to the natural and cultural resources of the dive sites can easily be reduced to acceptable levels by the adoption of appropriate precautions. Additionally, impacts to the marine environment, particularly fragile marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, can be reduced through proper education and training of scuba instructors, dive leaders and divers.

This document specifies minimum programme content requirements for training organizations for introductory scuba experiences in recreational scuba diving. Under no conditions are these requirements considered to be a standard for the training and qualification of scuba divers.

This document applies to programmes that include participants being taken into an open water environment. It does not apply to programmes that are exclusively conducted in a confined water environment (e.g. swimming pools).

This document also specifies the conditions under which this service is to be provided, which supplement the general requirements for recreational diving services specified in ISO 24803 “Recreational diving services — Requirements for recreational diving providers”.

The programme specified in this document is used to introduce a non-diver to recreational scuba diving by means of a supervised, controlled dive experience and to encourage the participant to seek further training.

The introductory diving programme does not result in any qualification, but is experiential in nature; consequently, in-depth knowledge of diving academics and skills is not necessary. Participants are taught only what is required of them to experience scuba diving under direct supervision of a scuba instructor.