BIS launches Vigilance Portal Vigilance Awareness Week 2020

About Us

Vigilance Department of BIS is headed by Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), who is the Activity Head. CVO acts as an advisor to the DG, BIS (Chief Executive) in all matters pertaining to vigilance. CVO also provides a link between BIS and the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) on one hand and BIS and the Central Bureau of Investigation on the other. CVO’s functions can be broadly divided into three categories, viz. (i) Preventive vigilance; (ii) Punitive vigilance; and (iii) Surveillance and detection.


CVO is assisted by Vigilance Officers (VO’s) who are BIS Scientific Cadre officers and other administrative staff. Selection of VO’s are done by mutual consultation between DG, BIS and CVO, BIS from the available pool of officers. All VO’s report directly to the CVO.


Vigilance Department advises DG, BIS on all vigilance related matters and is responsible for all Vigilance related activities in the Bureau in accordance with the guidelines on the subject issued by CVC and DoPT. This, inter- alia, include activities related to:

  • • Preventive Vigilance (e.g. Streamlining of procedures, Training, Preparation of ‘ Agreed List’ and ‘ List of Officers of Doubtful Integrity’ etc)
  • • Punitive Vigilance (e.g. Scrutiny of complaints received, Investigations, Disciplinary action against the officers at fault etc.)
  • • Surveillance and Detection (e.g Inspections, Scrutiny of Annual Property returns, monitoring, review meetings etc.)>
  • • Provide support to Director General in his functioning as Disciplinary Authority of Group ‘A’ officers
  • • Coordination with CVC, CBI and MoCA.