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Contribute to making the world better this World Food Day

If you go around asking people, you will find that everyone has something different and interesting to say about food. Some may even relate it to emotions, and why not? Food, after all, has been our constant source of happiness. Delve into a hot bowl of noodles or a hot cup of tea or whatever your favourite delight is, and you will realize what true bliss food can be. Given, the importance of food in our lives, it seems legit to have a day dedicated to it, doesn’t it? However, although this notion makes a lot of sense, the celebration of...

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BIS Grants Quality Certification to Etawah Swachha Bharat Mission

BIS has recently granted the Etawah Swachha Bharat Mission, Management Committee, U.P, a Quality Management System (QMS) Certification licence as per IS/ISO 9001:2015. This is the first QMS Certification to be awarded to such an Organization. The Etawah Swachha Bharat Mission, Management Committee is chaired by the District Magistrate, and is engaged in conducting several awareness programmes through information, education and communication, HRD activities, and internal office management activities, all working towards making the district...

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Disinfectant Fluids – The modern approach to clean homes

Disinfectant fluids or liquids refer to antimicrobial cleaning products, which when applied to different surfaces of non-living objects, for instance, kitchen sinks, floors, and bathroom walls and so on, work to eliminate the harmful microorganisms residing there. We live in a world where normal cleaning using soap and water is not enough for homes and the various surfaces in it. Researches have revealed that contaminated environments lead to transmission of microbes which further cause healthcare-associated infections. Germs are widespread...

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