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A basic guide to Induction Motors

  What is an induction motor? An induction motor is a type of motor that only has armotisseur windings. A very commonly used motor in different applications, an induction motor is among the most modest motors when it comes to its construction. As is suggestive from its name; the induction motor works on the principle of induction. So, when the rotating magnetic field of stator cuts the stationary rotor, an electro-magnetic field gets induced into the rotor. An induction motor is commonly utilized in residential, commercial, as well as...

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Things you should know about Alpha Picoline

  What is it? Alpha Picoline, also denoted as α-picoline, is a methyl pyridine isomer that is colourless at room temperature and pressure, and gives off a characteristic odour similar to that of pyridine. Due to its miscibility with water and various organic solvents, alpha picoline is used as an intermediate in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and latex manufacturing industries.  2-vinylpyridine is the largest single derivative of alpha picoline.   Are there any risks associated with it? Alpha Picoline is flammable in both...

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How to choose a good Laundry Detergent

We all need a good laundry soap to do our laundry. Laundry soaps emulsify oil so that it could be washed away with water. In addition to this, laundry soaps also work towards allowing insoluble particles to dissolve in water, in order for them to get carried away by water. Whenever we see some laundry detergent bottles, we find a similarity in them. We do not dig deeper and see the qualities present in them which set them apart. Instead, we just take a quick glance at all the bottles, choose one and then buy it. You will be shocked to know...

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