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Guidance on Conduct of Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices

Safety in the context of biological evaluation of medical devices is not a new topic of discussion. The need to maintain safety while carrying out a design verification activity or biological evaluation, as part of risk management processes has been stressed upon for long. Biological evaluation of medical devices, before they are brought in for clinical use, is crucial. However, many might wonder about the need for such an activity, that too for devices that have already had to pass a series of safety tests. The fact of the matter remains...

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5 steps to follow when buying Electronic Gadgets

Home appliances and gadgets are an irreplaceable part of our lifestyle, and since many of the home appliances that you purchase are from a long-term point of view, it is pivotal that you invest in them with thorough planning. The 5 steps that you can undertake for this purpose are: – Start with the budget Before you search for the desired appliances, assess the budget that you have to spare. Since the pricing for many appliances vary widely and come in a ton of variety, ascertaining the price range of the appliances you need is the...

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Ensure a Safe and healthy Work Environment for your Employees this International Labour Day

Every employee wishes to work in a safe and protected environment. And with the various kinds of hazards present at the workplace today, ensuring the health and safety of the employees has become a lot more important. In fact, looking after the safety and wellness of the employees is also the moral responsibility of an organization and its administrators.   Generic standards on occupational health and safety that should be adhered to Understanding the significance of a safe and healthy work environment, the Bureau of Indian Standards...

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