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Smart Registration

  Rationale For a common man, it is difficult to know the complete technical requirements expected to be met and on many occasions, it is also impossible to verify all requirements before the product is purchased by them.  Unsafe products may lead to hazards to human health, safety, loss of life or damage to property. In this scenario, the only solution available to the customer is to rely upon the third party conformity assessment scheme that the product has been tested and found to conform to a list of standardized parameters...

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Is the milk you are having safe? Here is what you should know

Milk and milk products are part of the daily intake in many Indian families. Considered a complete food, milk offers many nutritional benefits. Keeping in mind how popular a food source it is, have you ever thought about checking the quality of milk you are having? Despite of India being the largest milk producing country in the world, the consumption of adulterated milk is on the rise. Substances like caustic soda, detergent, paint, starch, formalin, urea, etc. are the adulterants used in milk these days, many of which are highly injurious...

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Why it is Important for Companies

Corporate Social Responsibility, also referred to as CSR, denotes the steps taken by an organization to ensure positive social, economic and environmental influences, with relation to the manner in which it’s business functions. Formally speaking, CSR refers to a self-regulating business model that aids a firm in being socially responsible, to its own self, its stakeholders and the community on the whole. Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 (inclusive of amendment) lays down that companies with a net worth of Rs. 500 crores or more, or...

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